Case studies.

Some of the projects we have been priviledged to work on

We have consistently delivered for our clients in various industries.

How we aggregated gaming data for effective casino operations management

A major casino operator approached us to help capture and analyse real-time gaming data across their casinos for effective revenue optimisation.

In time for Brexit, our solution seamlessly transformed the shipping processes of a port services provider

In preparation for Brexit, we helped a shipping operator automate their billing processes; enabling them remove tedious processes and paperworks.

How we provided constant security monitoring in remote oilfield sites

Our client trusted us to provide the software that integrates with CCTV cameras, battery monitors and solar panel controller to provide unified monitoring at remote sites.

How we monitored and managed traffic light statuses across sites in the UK

We designed and developed software and daughterboard that connects to the IOs of the various traffic controller types in the market.

How our bespoke learning delivery solution helped a school deliver lessons to students globally

To deliver a unique learning experience, our client - an educational services provider approached us to build a bespoke learning management system.

Improving timely accounts management and compliance for an accountancy practice

With a growing accountancy practice, we helped our client deploy a bespoke practice management software leading to increased customer satisfaction.

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