Case study.

How we aggregated gaming data for effective casino operations management

Casinos produce vast amount of gaming data on a daily basis that when effectively harnessed, could lead to increased casino revenue, fraud detection and loss reduction. Additionally, fraud and dealer inefficiencies could be identified by analysing these data.

Our client, a London casino chain approached us for a comprehensive solution that collates and processes gaming data in real-time. This solution would unobtrusively provide management with key risk indicators, dealer and table performance and complimentary statistics to help make informed decisions.

This is was a complex project that required training and cross validating our neural networks over thousands of game data. Our thresholding algorithm needed flexibility to work under different lighting environment, table cloth, chips, cards, ceiling heights etc. A single camera was designed to detect different table games including blackjack, rouletter etc.

We also required a camera with flexible focal lens, sensitivity and robust networking capabilities. Our cameras needed to meet certain framerate requirements which was optimal for our algorithms. These requirements added complexities and most expecially made the project fun to work on.

To deliver this project, we supplied IP camera, server, server software and a web application. Set up is done using the web application which communicates via a RESTful API to the server software. The server software maintains connection with the IP cameras and constant collects gaming activities across all tables. The casino management simply watch the dashboard for any real-time alert. These are alerts and reports are configurable giving the management options on how granular they want to monitor gaming activities.

Labview - for Server

We built a robust server software that polls data from n number of casino tables, applies our respective models to a specific game type.

PHP & Javascript for Web Application

We designed and built a responsive web application that interfaces with the Database. The application simplifies configuration processes.

MySQL database

With millions of data generated by many casino tables, we used MySQL database to enable speedy retrieval of data.


We supplied a special IP camera for each table. Same camera can be used for any supported table game type.

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