Case study.

How we monitored and managed traffic light statuses across sites in the UK

Traffic Management is a complex process that involves several integration with 3rd party hardware and protocols. Our client is a leader in providing managed traffic light services to local councils, boroughs and counties across the country.

There was a need to provide a unified view of traffic light data via a web-based platform, the platform will also allow for remote configuration of traffic light control units.

The key challenge was building an integration point for all traffic control protocols and controllers that currently exists in the UK. With over 4 controllers primarily supported across the UK. Our solution was to seamlessly support all controllers while allowing for seamless communication between all controller types.

We designed and developed a daughter board that connects to the IOs of the various controller types in the market. Our robust back-end server software constantly polls data data from connected traffic controller. This allowed us to process the data from the site, this is then displayed on the web. The solution successfully allowed our client to remotely monitor all traffic controllers, view status and fault logs, communicate with the controllers via Telnet and general controller management.

Labview - for Server

We built a robust server software that polls data from n number of traffic lights at a configurable time.

PHP & Javascript for Web Application

We designed and built a responsive web application that interfaces with the Database. The application simplifies configuration processes.

MySQL database

With millions of data generated by many traffic lights across the country, we used MySQL database to enable speedy retrieval of data.

PCB daughterboard

We built a custom daughterboard that plugs into other traffic controller main boards. Our daughterboard connected with Peek, Siemens and Telent controllers.

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