Case Studies

Over the years, we are pleased to have worked with companies on different projects. Here are select few companies from different industry sectors we've worked with. Please do let us know about your upcoming projects no matter the industry you operate.

Real-time monitoring system

Software, Electronics, Desktop

The client required a real-time notification and monitoring of security systems that alerts the management of intrusion and sends alert via sms, email and voice call.
The project was to be managed via a web admin to allow for easy configuration over the web.

The challenge encountered was integrating all alarm devices to interact under a common platform and central database. The requirement was for the system to integrate with all known alarm devices and protocols.

With our varied expertise in electronics, web and software development, our team built a whole new electronic board and firmware which made it easier to accept multiple alarm device protocol.
With the electronics sorted, we were able to build the web interface and central database for notification and monitoring system status across all connected devices.

Traffic Light Management Systmem

Software, Electronics, Web

Traffic Management is a complex process that involves several integration with 3rd party hardware and protocols. Our client is a leader in providing managed traffic light services to local councils, boroughs and counties across the country.
There was a need to provide a unified view of traffic light data via a web-based platform, the platform will also allow for remote configuration of traffic light control units.

The key challenge was building an integration point for all traffic control protocols and controllers. With over 4 controllers primarily supported across the UK. Our solution was to seamlessly support all controllers while allowing for communication between all controller types

We designed and developed a daughter board that connects to the IOs of the various controller types in the market. Our robust back-end server software constantly polls data data from connected traffic controller. This allowed us to process the data from the site, this is then displayed on the web. The solution successfully allowed our client to remotely monitor all traffic controllers, view status and fault logs, communicate with the controllers via Telnet and general controller management

Practice ERP

Web, Database

Accountancy Practices deal with various stream of data from clients that requires timely and efficient management. The solution was to allow the Accountancy practice automate various its various activities including Document Management, Mail Merge, Customer Management, Reports among others

The challenge was mainly on migrating the existing files and data onto the new system, ensuring no data loss while making sure services were not disrupted.

We developed a web based Practice ERP software that allowed the client to effortlessly migrate their existing data and files, while allowing the Practice complete it's tasks.